FAQ's and Sticker Counseling

Afraid of Commitment?

Nervous of the eternal nature of stickers? Stay scared with sticker magnetizers! Simply stick those puppies to magnets and plop em on your car and no one will know you live in a constant state of fear. do that or just mosey on down to the "magnets" section, i've got a bunch of square designs now

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How does one remove a bumper sticker?

Grab a hair dryer or heat gun, throw it on full blast, and hold it about six inches away from the sticker and zap that bad boy until it bends to your will. Then grab an old credit card and give it a scriddety scratch til it is no more

Other tricks to vanquish em
  • You shipped me the wrong thing / something is missing!

    My supplier is a third party and sometimes they make errors and send the wrong sticker or forget one. Shoot me an email down below and I'll get it all sorted out for ya for free obviously

  • Is this a company or what exactly?

    Everything is designed/made by one guy who just does this for fun so please be nice

  • Do you take suggestions?

    If you have a funny idea for a shirt or sticker or something shoot me an email below and there's a good chance I'll make it (as long as it isn't hateful). Also if there is some sticker you'd like to see as a shirt let me know and I can prioritize it. Goal is to make all stickers shirts but shirts take a bit longer to design and quality test so bear with me folks

  • Why are these stickers so friggen expensive?

    hey now they are 8 bucks, cheaper than chipotle. i literally make a couple dollers per sticker as there are a bunch of middlemen in this operation

  • Can you sell these as magnets?

    I do sell square magnets now! Smack that "Magnets" tab and find out.

    Why don't I have rectangle magnets? Because nobody does point of sale fulfillment for bumper sticker sized magnets (yet), ill keep my eyes out though.

  • Why are some stickers 10 bucks?

    When a sticker is for a cause I up the price to 10 dollars so that the donation amount is > 5 dollars per sticker. That way the donation is worth it. For those stickers 100% of the sticker's profits go to that cause, just the shipping and cost of printing does not.

  • Are you a libertarian?

    no dude. I believe in roads and schools and healthcare my guy

  • Are your products good quality?

    yes surprisingly. the stickers kick ass and the shirts/sweatshirts/hats are really comfy and well printed. I'm as shocked as you are. If you don't trust me read the etsy store reviews

    etsy reviews 

How to remove bumper stickers easily

Holler at your boy